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We are an academic research group seeking to understand global environmental change through the lense of elemental and isotopic geochemistry using physical principles, statistical analyses and computer modeling.  

What we do?

The goal of the Endian group is to develop a comprehensive understanding of global biogeochemical dynamics in a changing environment.

We aim to support the green transition while trying to anticipate the pollution issues of the new low-carbon world by consolidating the knowledge base and build the datasets and tools that will be needed in the next decades. 

In computer science, "endianness" refers to the order bytes are stored in memory. In everyday life, we use the big-endian convention: we write the number "one hundred" as "100", with the most significant digit first. But this is a just a convention. Some computers, however, use the little-endian form and store (and understand) the number "one hundred" in their memory as "001" (Wikipedia provides a detailed explanation of "endianness", 

With this in mind, "Endian", aside from being the acronym of our group, underlines also the group's philosophy; that is we strive to investigate environmental change from various angles, including and especially non-conventional ones (in the little-endian way!). "Endian" of course also highlights our use of computer modeling to help us quantify and physically understand environmental signals.


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