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Updates & Events

  • [2020] Congratulations Lingaona, Yusen, Vagif, Zhenxia, Siyu and Wanqiu for writing excellent theses and graduating from the MSc in Applied Computational Science and Engineering! 
  • [2019] Founding of the new Imperial College London Alumni Association during our exchange, science and capacity building mission in the Maldives. Thanks a lot Shiham Adam and Shazla Mohamed for such a fantastic experience! 
  • [2018] Just back from the s04P research expedition abord R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer, from Hobart, Tasmania, to Punta Arenas, Chile, through the Ross Sea and Bellingshausen Sea and across the Drake Passage. Another 1000+ REE samples collected, great polar sceneries, and epic Southern Ocean storms!
  • [2018] Annual Lecture and subsequent dinner with His Majesty Prince Albert of Monaco
  • [2016] Just back from a research expedition abord the US NOAA research vessell R/V Ronald H. Brown in the South Pacific (GOSHIP P18 leg2). We collected about 1200 samples for rare earth elements analysis from Easter Island to the southern tip of Chile, via Antarctica and brushing past "Point Nemo". Looking forward to the next trip...these are always great adventures!