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General information

  • [ALWAYS OPEN: General enquiries]

We are always looking for interesting and motivated collaborators (students, interns, postdocs, colleagues, sponsors, customers, etc.). There are always projects available but if you have an idea and would like to pursue something specific or would like us to take a look at your problem, we will work to make it happen! Get in touch and contact us!

Imperial College London is a truely fantastic place to work and study, one of the most culturally diverse and international university in the UK and it is often ranked in the top 5 UK universities and the top 10 in the world That means that Imperial College is a very good host university to support your scholarship and fellowship applications, but also that it is a very competitive school to get in. We can coach you through the application process and advise you if you get in touch early.

The main difficulty is nearly always to find adequate funding. Aside from the occasional funding available to the group from research grants, prospective students and researchers are encouraged to pursue other funding opportunities. Scholarships and fellowships sometimes exist for international students for which institutional sponsorship is required; if you know of a particular scheme for which you are eligible, please get in touch and let us know how we can support your application. 

Useful links:

Bsc, undergraduate students and interns

  • [ALWAYS OPEN: watch for deadlines]

Paid undergraduate summer internship opportunity exist throught Imperial College's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP). If you are an undergraduate student interested in a summer internship or are looking for a host for your self-funded research internship, please contact us for details.

MSc (Master's students)

  • [ALWAYS OPEN: watch for deadlines]

Many relevant MSc courses exist.  Students from these courses wanting to do their MSc project in the group are highly encouraged to Contact us. Although we sometimes advertise projects specific to these courses, we can also make up a project to suit your interests! Just reach out, propose an idea and let's talk!

Some of the relevant courses are listed here:

  • Applied Computational Science & Engineering MSc
  • Climate Change, Management and Finance MSc
  • Environmental Engineering MSc
  • Hydrology and Business Management MSc
  • Metals and Energy Finance MSc
  • Petroleum Geosciences MSc
  • Environmental Technology MSc
  • Computational Methods in Ecology and Evolution MSc
  • Conservation Science MSc
  • Ecosystem and Environmental Change MRes
  • Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Research MRes
  • Sustainable Energy Future MSc

PhD students

  • [ALWAYS OPEN: watch for deadlines!]

Prospective D.Phil students from anywhere, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you get through the hurdles of the application and admission process. We can coach you through the process, help your with your scholarship applications and advise you if you get in touch early. Don't hesitate to ask. Note that strict eligibility criteria and deadines exist for each of these schemes. 

  • Most of the funding for students comes from various sources, typically NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP), in particular the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Centers for Doctoral Training (CDT), Science & Technology Facilities Council support (STFC) or Industrial CASE partnerships. 
  • Relevant programmes are: the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP, the NERC Oil & Gas CDT, the CDT in Fluid Dynamics Across Scales and the CDT in the Mathematics of Planet Earth  
  • Specific Scholarships also exist, including the Janet Watson Scholarship (Earth Sciences only), the President's PhD Scholarship and the Beit Fellowship

Posdoctoral researchers

  • [ALWAYS OPEN: watch for deadlines]

Aside from occasional funding available to the group from research grants and associated advertised positions, individuals interested in conducting posdoctoral research projects in the groups are encouraged to reach out so we can support you through your own funding application process. In addition to european or international schemes, the following schemes exist in the UK:

  • Imperial College Research Fellowship: offers a competitive salary, mulitple levels of support and opportunities for career development and up to >45K£ in research funds during 4 years.
  • NERC Independent Research Fellowship: offers funding for salary and research for 5 years
  • Royal Society University Reseach Fellowship 
  • ESRC Early Career Fellowship
  • STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship


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